OOC - Balancing Act: How much post is too much post?

You blink your dry eyes, the harsh computer light blasting into your face. The room seems suddenly dark. The sun was surely pouring in a few minutes ago. A quick post, you had thought, to fire in before dinner. But now it’s hours later, with your stomach growling for attention, and you haven’t even begun to review the grammar!

I imagine we have all be there at one time or another. Rather than just a post to keep the story going, we find ourselves with an epic tale that will dominate the story. Or perhaps you have found it is the other way around and you struggle to even bring a few sentences together.

How do you balance the lengths of your posts? Do you fire away the post you have and not worry? Does size not matter after all? It could be better to cut it down to let others in to post on the action. Or it might be best to make sure there is enough for others to work with. Is there a golden sweet spot of word count that you work towards?

Personally, I like long format posts. I find myself writing best when I am letting my imagination meander along. But I realise that much of what I am writing might not be relevant for other players, or even fair to ask them to read it all. It’s a balancing act I am keen to improve upon.

What about everyone else?

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