OOC - Lost Mine of Phandelver


So D&D and OW had a chequered past. Occasionally we have a D&D game advertised on the forum where it languishes for a few days before sinking beneath the murky waters of our extensive RPG graveyard.

For a start we dont roll dice here. It's generally not a thing. There's also all those pesky rules that put people off. I mean who has time to learn them all? When is comes to rolling a D20 against a plus 2 modifier to stealth past a goblin with a passive perception of 9 the OW crowd just dont bite it seems.

But we do love fantasy and we do love adventures and D&D is right there at the core of the genre. It seems a shame for miss out on all that fun just for the sake of a hand full of dice! So here's the deal. I'll roll them for you!

Lost Mine of Phandelver is a level one to five campaign and will be played on OW with the classic D&D approach :

1. The DM describes the setting
2. The Player chooses their actions and word
3. The DM describes the consequences

There will be traps, there will be magic, there will be goblins and there will be no dice. Check out Lost Mine of Phandelver here on OW and perhaps even wander over to D&D Beyond to use their free character generator. It's a peace of cake!!

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