OOC - My new game!

Hey everyone! First post here for the community, so...here we go.

So, my new game "One Punch Man: Monster Land", as you probably figured out by now, is a game based heavily on the hit anime/manga with a similar name, but only because I'm intrigued to explore this sort of narrative on my own with you guys, of course.

So, why would you play such a game with conflicts that would sort themselves out with a punch? That's where you come in! See, you can be a hero, villain, or outright one of the monsters trying to conquer the world! Saitama himself wouldn't show up almost at all, frankly. The setting is apocalyptic, so casualties and property damage is off the desk for every combat encounter.

As for the story, I feel like I can be in charge of events and targets for each group to advance towards, making sure it stays interesting for as long as people are playing, honestly.

This could be a perfect fighting sandbox for y'all. Building forts, fighting monsters, forming alliances? What's better than that. For any questions, my email is open for all of you.

Have a lovely day! -yours truly

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