OOC - Children of the Atlas

Children of the Atlas is very loosely based on the popular game No Man's Sky.
And when I say loosely I mean loosely. It borrows very little from the game itself apart from a few references.
One year before the game was launched, at the height of its hype, a group of 'writers' got together and put wrote the adventures that we refer to as the Bloodshed Uprising.
A piece of collaborative creative writing that I was involved heavily in and lasted a whole year until the game launched. When we were done, the story had very little to do with No Man's Sky as a theme but the group of writers that pen those adventures got together because of their love for the game and its potential. That is the only reason why I give it a nod in the title of this new game. And why I truly mean its very loosely based on it.

This is my attempt to continue those adventures and find like minded players to explore a rich and wonderful universe that has unbound and unlimited potential.

At this time I am not accepting any members to the game until I finish laying the ground work and background story to the game and put it in motion, but I hope you enjoy what you read and once it starts, feel that you should join and help continue shaping this universe...

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