Children of the Atlas -LOOKING FOR NEW MEMBERS

+++Incoming Transmission... Source Unknown...+++

"Greetings. I am Zendichez, peddler of dreams and hawker of illusions. Auctioneer of rare artefacts and unique items. If there is something you desire the chances are that I will be able to procure it. For a price. In 20 sols I will be conducting a private auction open only to a selected few. It will take place at my private space station at an undisclosed location. This is a unique opportunity that will not come around very often. Down payment to attend the auction will be required. Upon receipt of said payment coordinates to the location of the auction will be shared. 1 Sol before it starts in the Olian Cloud. Attached to this transmission are details about the required down payment and the item I am selling. It will not be cheap as you will see." "I hope to see you all soon. Zendichez out!"

+++End of Transmission+++

Children of the Atlas is a Sandbox Sci-Fi Apocalyptic game,very loosely based on the popular game No Man's Sky.
The narrative will be set in an alternate timeline from that of the game and only very loosely based on it, so no knowledge of it is necessary. This is a great opportunity to jump in and help us add to the lore of the Universe

It's a sandbox game. Anything or almost anything will be possible but the overall goal is to add to the existing lore through creative writing. And to have fun while doing it.
Have you always wanted to board a ship and explore the Universe? To rise from humble beginnings and become the Emperor of a star faring race? Want to discover untold treasures and secrets the Galaxy has to offer? Want to simply travel the void and be the first to set footprints on the dusty ground of some unknown far-flung world?
Well this is your chance... Check us out.

We are now accepting applications for members.

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