Going on hiatus

Hey everyone,

Some people have probably seen this coming since my engagement has gradually decreased across the website and the chats, but I'm gonna close the book on OW for a while. My priorities and interests have shifted lately and I haven't found as much enjoyment as I used to in PBP writing.

Most of my current games have slowed to the point where they are effectively stalled; if any of those magically resurrect, I'll leave the fate of my characters up to the moderators. An exception is Jericho, but Ink can simply have been sent on a different mission as he's a bit of an auxiliary character anyway.

I'll hang around on Discord and Hangouts if anyone wants to talk as I'm always up for a chat, so I'm not gonna be a stranger. Perhaps in a while I'll feel the urge to participate again and return in triumphant glory. Just know that I love you all and I'm doing as well as anyone can in 2020.



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