OOC - Revelations, Updates, Taking Time Off

In case it hasn't been noticed, I'm on a hiatus. It has lasted quite a while but keeping it unofficial was my first error. The next was making those promises I couldn't keep. Will certainly not make that mistake again.
I will be away even longer, how long I can't say. I adore the platform, however one thing Nim has recently (and thankfully) brought up to me was that my writing style isn't the best suited for PBP style games. I completely agree. So I'm taking more time off until I can figure out some reliable plan of action. Until then, I will continue to be a lurking enigma.

On that note, I'll be backing up posts and characters in Maelstrom and VoW in case they get removed, and doing more free writing in my own schedule without outer interference. I have a large project currently in the works. This has been a fun little experiment but games don't last quite as long as most of us wish they did or play out the way they are planned. Personally, I'm irritated and drained. Miss writing with my close comrades pretty bad, too. Feel free to email me at any time. Catch you on the flip side after I take a breather.


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