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OOC - Rise and Fall of the Empire of Night

I know, I know, oh boy Ender has another game out agian. I kinda feel that way at this point at this. However I'm still going to share this game.

Xierheart:Rise and Fall of the Empire of Night.
The land has been ravaged by war and disease, to the north the Werecreature Kingdom of barbarians called the kingdom of the moon are working to unite the Frozen plains. To the east resides the kingdom of Zoria, ruled by a human king hellbent in uniting the lands, no matter what. To the south, small kingdoms fight invading horses of Imps and demons from the Black Burning Hells. To the west resides the king of Unlia, once cursed by Zoria, now returned as undead. The king of Unlia, Ivar is the first undead in the world, now his kingdom has become a place of death, desiring one thing, to take over the land and put it in one banner. So what will you do, shall you join the rise of the Empire of Night by joining Ivar in his Conquest of Night or will you stand with Zoria to fight the hordes of monsters, or will you simply try to survive in this war torn world? You decided in Xierheart: Rise and Fall of the Empire of Night.

Brought to you by the little troll of Ongoing Worlds, Enderslayer.
Don't be afraid to ask questions, via email, discord or discussions.

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