Alien RPG Anyone?

Yes, another one. I've started up a game set in space using the Alien RPG system and I'm looking for 4 more members to fill out the crew of the USCSS Montero. This is a 3 Act cinematic scenario with a defined storyline. You play a pregenerated character from the starter set, each has their own personal agendas on top of the mission. You can name the crew member and choose their gender. We will most likely work out the details on Discord and post after. I will do all the rolling for you so you don't need to know a whole lot.

Some of you WILL die, this is Alien after all, but hey, it'll probably be pretty cool. If you would like to stay in the game, there will be a few NPCs to choose from. The game does have a defined ending, hopefully there are survivors. Come on in and have some fun if you're down for some visceral space tales.

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