OOC - introducing myself and my RP

I’m new here, and thought I should make a post to introduce myself. It’s been over fifteen years since I took part in my last PbP RP. At the time, I didn’t know that what I was doing had a name. I just thought that I and a bunch of friends that I’d met on a fan site forum were writing a story together. I didn’t know that there were other people out there that loved this type of thing too!

I thought about my old RP a lot in the years since we finished it. Although it spawned two sequels, after those RPs ended there wasn’t anywhere else for us to with that world or its characters, so we all drifted apart. It was the RP that eventually inspired me to write my own (still work in progress) fantasy novel. It is that same work-in-progress novel that inspired me late last year to try to find if anyone, anywhere, was doing something similar even today. That was when I learned about PbP.

I spent a lot of time lurking at various RP communities and trying to find one where I thought I could fit in. I’m generally quite shy and found a lot of them were just too "busy" for me. I found OngoingWorlds and lurked. After a while, I began to lose confidence and abandoned the whole idea of RPing. Maybe I’m too old(I’m 40)? Maybe my writing is terrible? Maybe it is considered rude to want to immediately run my own game? I had an RP in mind that I wanted to start, but I was scared people wouldn’t wanted to play in a world created by a newcomer.

I abandoned the idea, and went back to struggling with my own work-in-progress. But I’d hit a pretty major case of writer’s block and I was fast losing confidence that I had it in me to write anything. The muse wasn’t just silent, I began to worry she was dead.

Then, after several nights of dreams in which I dreamed I was RPing brought me back to OW and other RP communities. This time, I realized that no matter how intimidated I am at trying to do this again, I have to try.

I posted my RP "The Last Stop" yesterday, and have already been thrilled to have two players join my story. I hope others will also join in.

The Last Stop is a dark fantasy set in a world protected by beings called Worships. Thanks to the Worships, war, famine, pestilence and disease are a thing of memory. But in return, each year at the end of harvest festival, the Worships select a number of people that must leave behind all they know and love, and be taken into the unknown. No one knows what purpose the Worships have for those chosen, only that they are never seen again.

The RP begins as another group of chosen gather to await the carriage that will come to transport them to the unknown.

Here’s a link to the game. More details about the world, etc can be found there, as well as the story so far. http://www.ongoingworlds.com/games/3926

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