Realms of Helias - Part II

So, here is a little more about the continent of Helias that provides the backdrop to the upcoming exploration of the newfound continent of Arcadia.

Empire of Salos - The largest military power of the Old World. Ruled with an iron fist by the Ursuzi House for centuries, from Orb. The realm's capital is the oldest continuously inhabited city in recorded history. The Knights of Salos were the driving force behind the martial success of the Noctua Inquisition across the Forsaken Lands and behind the eradication of most forms of Magik and its' associated worship in the continent. The Empire have declared the lands of Arcadia to be under its' Dominion and Ostiarium it's first major settlement in the New World.

Garrah - The key features of this realm are rugged coastal cliffs and its mountainous interior which offer incredible natural defences to its many clans against incursions by their more powerful neighbours to the North and to the East. Garrah is the most important mining and metallurgical region in Helias, its iron and blades highly prized across the realms. The clans of Garrah are fiercely independent and protective of their culture and lands.

Kingdom of Torja - For centuries the kingdom maintained a stranglehold across most commercial routes in the continent due to their large mercantile and naval fleets, which sailed unrivalled for as long as anyone can remember. It came as a big blow to the reputation and honour of the Kingdom that the Empire of Salos managed to cross the Sea of Storms before one of their vessels. The nation pumps and fuels the arteries of commerce in the Old World. They are the Empire's largest political and military rivals.

Mizar - The birthplace of all the Old World's major religions and dozens of minor ones, with a polytheistic and ritual tradition comprising numerous cults and sects. The five Shrine-Cities influence extends far and wide into everyday life, be you a commoner or a King. Mizar provided the ideological driving force behind the Noctua Inquisition and have banned Magik across the realms under the pain of death. "Do my prophets no harm and suffer not the witch to live."

Kru'll - Its dark and foreboding jungles hold and hide many secrets, treasures and dangers. Whole civilization are buried under its thick canopies of ever-growing trees. Most scholars believe Kru'll was once the cradle of civilization, before some form of natural disaster forced Mankind to leave it behind and the jungle claim it back. Only the brave or the fool dare venture the paths of this ancient land. The few known cites that exist here are lawless and bound by no rule expect by the rule of the strong.

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