New Games in November 2021

Newest Games & Opinions:

Trapped Inside - This is likely one of the most original concepts I have read in OW in a long time. It sounded exciting and fresh with a bit of horror and suspense thrown into the mix. Unfortunately the biggest plot hook of the game was given away on the first post. Seemed like such a missed opportunity to really build up the unknown and supernatural elements in the game. Hope they can turn it around.

A Dandy Adventure - A light hearted and fun game based on generic fantasy elements. The motley group are out to hunt a dangerous goblin and discover more about the recent attacks on the surrounding areas.

Lost in Space - OW regular Jaxx launched this one not long ago. Reminds me a bit of the popular series Red Dwarf. Let's see where it goes.

A few other games were created in November 2021 but none have had a single post made yet.
Empire of Dust looks inspired in Warhammer 40K setting. A couple of fantasy games, World of Azgarn and The Winds of Elderwood, a hero game called venture City Blues and Murder Inc which I hope goes somewhere. Looks fresh and could be different from anything we have in OW at the moment.

See you folks next month. Don't forget to comment below what you think about these games.

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