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Decryption is a Cyberpunk roleplaying game partly inspired by Blade Runner, RoboCop and Cyberpunk 2020, taking place in New York in the year 2092. This game takes place in a dark cyberpunk universe where the world remained in a Cold War for decades longer than our own. Technology progressed but still resembles the hard-plastic clunky tech of the 1980s, a type of retrofuturism. New York is a city of Gothic architecture and neon-tinged lights.

Cities have risen and fallen, megacorporations puppeteer governments, and the people are fed up. In the heart of the district of Manhattan, there is an uprising. Elite gearheads (hackers) have declared war on the Schroeder Group, a large multinational corporation with shares in some of the biggest companies in the world. Following the assassination of Schroeder Group's CEO Westin Haney, things have gotten ugly. Schroeder is coming after anyone and everyone trying to find who was responsible for Haney's death. Who was responsible? Crime families, gearheads, a rival corporation, who knows? That's for you to find out.


Be respectful of other players, especially no killing other player's characters
without their permission.

Please do not create overpowered characters, everyone has their flaws.

Remember this is a mature game so expect mature themes throughout.

If you ever have any questions just feel free to ask me.

Have fun and enjoy the game!


This character group refers to employees and executives of the corporations of the Decryption world. Higher-level corporation workers are usually some of the richest people of 2090’s New York City. But don’t be fooled, not all corporation employees enjoy the joys of wealth, there are of course working-class people with just enough cash to get by.

The Gearheads are technology-obsessed individuals. They use the powers of technology for a manner of things, working against corporations or working for them. Most Gearheads have grown up in this cyberpunk world and know that technology is one of the best ways to get them through its many challenges.

Government refers to government employees and politicians. Today most politicians are puppets for the corporate elite, or if they aren’t puppets then they have a major stake in one of the corporations. In Decryption, the US president Kendall Wallace was once CFO for the powerful Schroeder Group but has a personal vendetta against his old employer.

The Criminal character group refers to 2092 New York’s criminal underworld. The city has its fair share of different crime syndicates and families, such as the inner city De Marzo mafia family. Criminals can be anything from drug dealers to burglars, only choose this group if your character is a more traditional criminal. Gearheads, Government, Corporations, and all the other character groups can still be criminals.

The Police character group is for all the characters that work in law enforcement, the New York Metropolitan Police Department is one of the largest on the East Coast. They employ police officers of a variety of different divisions, detectives, forensic scientists, and so on.

The Bodybag character group refers to characters that aren’t completely human. The slang Bodybag arose in the 2030s with the introduction of the earliest synthetic humans, originally created by Gallano a major synthetics corporation. In the event of someone’s death, they can choose to be synthetically resurrected in a bodybag form.

The other character group is for any characters that you are not sure will fit in any of the other major character groups.


If you have any questions then please just ask below, I will happily answer!

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