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We are getting ready to celebrate our 5th month anniversary with the game going from strength to strength. The game is currently the most active game on OW.

As our 1st in game year ends and some of our major plotlines draw to a close, we feel this is the right time to recruit new players.

New players and ideas are the bloodline of every game, and we are looking for players that might want to join a creative, fun, and active group as we continue to flesh out the world of Arcadia. People that want a challenge and to have fun.

Currently we have 11 members and want to expand on that with new character concepts and plot ideas...

What is Arcadia I hear you ask?

Well, Chronicles of Arcadia is set in a high fantasy homebrewed world, with technology comparable to our own tenth century, where every action has consequences. Here you truly shape the world around you through your actions.
It’s a free form game that borrows from some RPG elements to drive the narrative and the game without rolls or dice.

It’s a frontier world, set in a newly discovered continent, brutal and full of dangers. A world of intrigue, politics where our heroes, and sometimes villains, navigate the pitfalls of daily life.
A place where magik was driven close to extinction in the Old World but seems to be much alive in the new continent of Arcadia.
A world where nobles and assassins rub shoulders in the streets of Ostiarium, where Arbiters of the Inquisition seek to guide and guard the morality and piety of the population.
A land in the brink of war between the settlers and natives, where scholars and physicians come in search of new and forgotten lore and civilizations.

A world waiting for you…

Chronicles of Arcadia

If the above intrigues simply apply to join.

If you would like to discuss the above drop me an email or a message me on discord Winteroak#9133

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