OOC - A New Pulp Treasure Hunting Adventure Game

Welcome to Globetrotter!

If you would like to join please just create your character, I have my own character here as an example. If you have any questions about the game please just ask!


Globetrotter is a pulp adventure game set in the 1930s, inspired by films such as the Indiana Jones series, Hitchcockian thrillers, King Kong, and other treasure hunting adventures of pulp literature. Go on daring adventures to unexplored temples and search for lost cities - this is a wide game of many possibilities. Join together in an incredible adventure!

Be respectful of other players, especially no killing other player's characters
without their permission.

Please do not create overpowered characters, everyone has their flaws.

This game may contain some mature themes.

If you ever have any questions just feel free to ask me.

Have fun and enjoy the game!

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