OOC - The Unofficial OngoingWorlds Discord Server

Hi everyone I have created an Unofficial OngoingWorlds Discord Server! The aims of this project are to recreate the feel of the long-gone OngoingWorlds Chatwing. It's a place not just for one game but for many! So make some friends and have some fun! If you have any questions then feel free to ask me, before you start chatting I would recommend that you take a look at the rules channel. Failure to follow these rules will result in a warning, with multiple offenders being banned from the server. I hope some of you will be interested in joining, I'd love to see you there :)

Server Rules:
-This is an unofficial OngoingWorlds Discord it is maintained by active users and fans of the site.
-This Discord is not a place for any drama.
-Treat other users with respect. So no racism, sexism, ableism, or any kind of abuse.
-If you have a problem with any members then please let a moderator or admin know.
-Do not send any inappropriate media or you will be banned!


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