OOC - Fumbler

You have all heard of Tinder well this is Fumbler the Ongoing Worlds match making post. Finding matches between writers and moderators to save you all that work.


If you are an active moderator then post your games in the discussion panel below with a quick blurb on what it is about. Here's mine :

Maelstrom : Dark Steampunk open world with adult themes. Not for the feint of heart.

Beyond the Ragnarok : Fantasy Adventure : We're on a quest to kill Hel the queen of the dead need I say more.

The Gelded Goblin : Casual story telling, poetry and general high jinx in a Fantasy Tavern. Roll a bard and share in the fun.

If you are an aspiring moderator pitch your ideas in a short sentence like so :

Ongoing Minecraft : Play Minecraft with words, because why not?

Or maybe you just want to write but can not find that perfect game, if so then let everyone know what you like and maybe some kind soul will make you the game of your dreams :

*cough* Terrahawks

So Fumble away, find games, throw in ideas, have fun :)


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