OOC - Everyone Loves Harry Potter... Right?

So I have recently been loving the new Hogwarts game that came out this week for our mobile devices. I love being able to finally get my acceptance letter (I squealed a little) and joining the house I am destined for (go Hufflepuffs!). As I was playing though, I had a real itch to spread my wings a little bit more when it comes to the Harry Potter Universe.

I was curious to see how many people would ACTUALLY be interested in a Harry Potter themed game. We could all choose our houses, create characters, become some of the most famed teachers, meet even more famous students and even cause a little ruckus. However, my only issue is timing: do we set it prior to Harry Potter joining (like the new mobile game) or do we set it when his children are attending Hogwarts (much like The Cursed Child). If anyone has any thoughts on this, please let me know. I would seriously love to make this happen.

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