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Guess what!? It's insomnia season!!! YAAAAYYY!!!! WIDE AWAKE ALL NIGHT AND CRAZY AND HYPER THE NEXT DAY!!!


This didn't start happening to me until two years ago, and I guess it only happens when it's hot outside, but this is the fourth time I've gone an entire night without sleep involuntarily. I never thought this would be a thing that would happen to me, and I really hope it isn't a thing.... I love sleep. I want to sleep. Why aren't I sleeping?

I just got out of a 1 AM shower, my dog seems worried, and I've migrated to the floor.

My main character having insomnia never had anything to do with me having it... because I didn't have it until I decided he did........... O.o Coincidence???? Yes. Probably.

Idk where I was going with this or why I put it here, but here you go. Sleep tight lucky souls around my timezone... to the rest of you.... Good morning. I am very tired... yet awake... yet I desperately want to sleep.... Goodnight, I hope.

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