OOC - Two Things

As per the title, there are two largely unrelated things I want to discuss with this post.

Firstly, I wanted to ask you guys a favor. If you guys like this platform and want to increase the effectiveness of it, I would appreciate it if you could post whatever questions, ideas, discussion topics, advertisements, or whatever you have going through your mind. Right now, I feel like I have to struggle sometimes to keep this platform on the front page, which is where new members will be most likely to see it. This platform is more effective, especially from an advertising standpoint, the more people there are that look at this thing, so if you guys like that, I would appreciate your assistance in helping me maintain this platform's visibility.

Secondly, I think Largehobbit's "Fumbler" idea is worth revisiting and discussing. The primary complication I am seeing with it is trying to keep whatever requests and discussion that happens in it in a place that people will be able to easily see. Right now, my only idea is to put a link to it in the Game Information section. I also think it might make sense to simplify the Fumbler page to just game requests instead of both ideas and requests. What do you guys think? Can Fumbler be a productive resource if we can find a way to maintain its visibility?

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