OOC - Best Game Ever!!!!

So, I been here at OW for a while now , been part of some really cool games, met some really interesting and talented people along the way.
This made me think back about all the PbP, Pbem and even RPG's that I ever played in. And let me tell you, its been a lot... :-D

I was curious to know what are the best games you guys ever player or written in this formats. What was great about it? What made such an impression on you that you still think about it and compare it current games that you consider joining? Do you hold new games to the same standard of those favorite games?

Here is a small list of mine:

RPG -Planescape: Blood Wars - This was a custom made RPG a friend of mine ran a long long time ago. My first introduction to a city that has a door to every single place in the Multi Universe. It blew my mind.

Babylon 5 - Cousteau - This was a Pbem game based on the Babylon 5 universe and a chase for the cure to the Shadow Plague. This was the first time I wrote in conjunction with others and learned that instead of just concentrating on your own plots, players should aim to bring arcs together for the overall success of storylines.

No Man's Sky -Galactic Depression - Set in alternative universe we created a far fetching universe, with dangers, heroes, demons of the void and even space whales. This was by far the most successful game I ever been part of. It attracted 15K views online.

Beneath the Maelstrom - I have to say, I am really excited about this game, right here in OW. I predict bring things for it. Big shout to Largehobbit on that front for starting a Steampunk game.

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