OOC - Apprecation

Seeing TheHeroUp create a post about how he his grateful for those who joined his game, I want to thank those who have joined my Harry Potter game. I am currently obsessed with Harry Potter, and I am glad to know that others are just as fond of the series as I am.

I personally want to give a shout out to LargeHobbit; he has personally added so many layers to the story and has kept the flow going when there was no flow. I also want to give a shout out to Lily for being one of the first to create a character in the game. I also want to thank WolfyWolf, LucianNepreen, and Enderslayer for joining the game. Hopefully we can have more people join the game later on when they are ready to commit. The first years are going through their sorting at the moment!

Thank you all for welcoming me onto this site with open arms as well. I know that I haven't been on here for long but I have encountered so many good writers that I hope I can continue with this and develop my writing with all of you

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