OOC - So many writers in OW

Lately I have been thinking, there are quite a few of us around in OW. There are a few dozen games with different levels of popularity and activity.

Apart from the games you play in do you guys tend to read other stories/games? And if you do why? What holds your interest? Why haven't you joined?

If you don't follow other games that you are not a member of why do you think that is?

Genuinely curious.

I follow 'Beyond the Ragnarok', 'Empires of Glass' and now 'Stranded'.
All three have concepts that interest me.
I have considered joining one of them in the near future. I am seeing where Empires of Glass goes before deciding if its for me and will be keeping a close eye on Stranded.
BtR, well if one day they need a dragon, maybe... ;-)

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