OOC - Inspiration

Hello again gang,
I was also wondering what writers, movies or games you draw your inspiration from?
You are your favourites and why? If you see yourself as a writer who would you aspire to be like? What genres really fascinate you?

I myself draw a lot of inspiration from Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson (fighting Fantasy Series), Eslemot and Erickson (The Malazan Book of the Fallen Series.) and Weis and Hickman (Dragon Lance)

I also am a big fan of Richard Morgan (Altered Carbon series) and R. Scott Bakker who I believe wrote the BEST books I ever read during his Prince of Nothing series trilogy. Not a massive fan of the second trilogy instalment in the form of the Aspect-Emperor.

I am also a massive fan of Stephen King and Phillip K Dick particularly A Scanner Darkly.
Oh and lets not forget China Mieville with his Bas-Lag series. The Armada itself is one of the best books I read in the last decade.
Also Neil Gayman especially American Gods. Just wow.

What about you guys?

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