OOC - Crossed My Mind..

I don't wanna jinx it, but... Winteroak's post about there being so many writers in OW right now made me think about something.

At this point in time, Ongoing Worlds is more active and vibrant than ever before (as far as I can remember from my year and a half experience here), but there's something about it that bothers me, even though it's a good thing.
All the writers are devoted to entirely different genres; that is amazing and annoying at the same time!

You see; it is amazing because of the fact that anyone could find a game that he likes, and also because the differences between games emphasizes just how great each game truly is on it's own.

So why does this vastness bother me a bit?
Simple. It splits us up as players in terms of focus and because it splits up brilliant writers from coming together because of differences in taste.

There isn't really anything to do about it, and that's completely fine, but an idea crossed my mind; hear me out.

A "non-canon" game that is set on a world where an evil dimensional demon sucks all the different game worlds that are popular right now and smashes it together to a chaotic realm where they must band together and fight for their survival to find the demon and stop him from ending all existence on their perspective worlds.

Characters will simply be chosen characters from different games; meaning that the game's team could be composed of: Ian (immortals and mortals), Jorrik (Beyond the Ragnarok), Jessica (Stranded), and Will (No-Man's land).

My main goal with this idea is to bring together all the talented writers into one game that could show the best sides of each of your writing styles.
I know it sounds very rough at the moment, but give it a thought.

I would very much like to hear feedback on this idea! Thank you for your time, -TheHeroUp

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