OOC - Two Kingdom's, Dead? And a new World idea!

I want to thank you all for having me be a part of your world's, it is suggested a pleasure to take part.

However, I have a few things to say, such as my opinion on Two Kingdom's and it's inactivity, along with a world idea.

Firstly, it makes me sad to see that Two Kingdoms has silenced. I had made a bunch of characters which I had big plans for. Such ad Mudnit the talking squirrel, Sandet and her group of magical animals, and Bungo, who knows many facts and tidbits that he can sell. Sadly none will be built upon unless somehow Two Kingdom's comes back alive, or...

We might just need to make a new world, with a similar theme. Simply put, a fantasy world, with all sorts of races and kingdoms, all interconnected. I am currently unable to attempt this, but I hole my idea can influence one of you to give it a go.

Secondly, I have seen a survival world known as Stranded. A few apocalyptic World, such as Maelstrom, and my beloved No-Man's Land. Even a hogwarts world, known as Welcome to Hogwarts. There is one thing, that I think has been untapped, and could yield great outcomes...


"Don't gimme that, Jurassic world is so cliche, look"

It may be nothing like it. What I think, is that everything takes place in a vast continent filled with many dinosaur species, such as Trex and Triceratops. We can write about interactions, natural events, and live the life of a dinosaur. I have yet to work on it, and many rules will need to be applied, so not everyone is a Trex, and not everyone can just kill characters. However, if built, I think it could be a unique aspect for Ongoing Worlds. So now I ask, what do you think?

And if anyone can recommend a new home where I can take my character, Bungo the Knowledgeable, it would be a great help.

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