OOC - General Questions...

Hello again!

I have some general questions that maybe you guys could shed some light on, or point me in the direction of a FAQ... or... something...

Have I taken the time to thoroughly explore every nook and cranny of this website?

I have not.

Did I read any rules and regulations that may have been a part of signing up for this?

BWAhahah... *ehem* I have not.

So, for my first question... structure. When I "Post a New Story"... is that like... time for another story arc? Another quest? Another part of the ongoing action already taking place...?

I'm not asking because I'm ignorant... no no... I'm asking simply because that is what one does when horning belligerently into an already functioning medium. Yeah. That.

My second question... Game mechanics? Does anyone here use game mechanics?

Like rolling dice and stuff?

Can I run these mechanics "behind the scene"? Is this practice frowned upon due to this site being strictly creative-writing-driven?

All snarky shit aside... I simply want to play along here... I like you guys.

If this is a creative writing outlet, and there is a faq, let me know where it is so I know I'm on the same page as everyone else.

Much appreciated!



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