Image of Gruff

Summary: You're gonna want to take a few steps back


Gender: Male

Age: 35

Group: Sith


Chev (or an offshoot of that)


Smuggler first and foremost
Good in negotiations
Fair in a fight


Captain of his own ship

Physical Appearance

Tall, ruggedly handsome


Gruff is rough... no way around that.


Things the only route is a crude one. Saw his friends and family die in the Resistance, has led him to sympathize more with the Empire/dark side

Special Items/Ships

Normal ship and gear - nothing fancy, mostly cause he doesn't want to attract attention to himself

Items/Ship Descriptions

Couple of standard blasters, keeps a few slugthrowers around too.

His ship is a standard model, modified to suit his needs. He focuses on small items with large returns so he can focus on speed over space. His ship can accommodate only about a ton of cargo, but has room for four additional passengers or crew, though it's just him and a pilot droid now.

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Image of Gruff
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