Finding Colonel Icerraine Misson

Tatooine located in the galaxy's desolate Outer Rim, Tatooine orbits a pair of binary G-type stars, Tatoo I and Tatoo II. The planet's indigenous lifeforms such as the womp rat, bantha, Sarlacc, and Krayt dragon are well-adapted to its arid climate. Though its proximity to the suns makes life difficult, it is located near key hyperspace routes, making it a smuggler and gangster haven debris from shipwrecks also provides resources for scavengers. Annual sandstorms wipe out landmarks and make nomadic life dangerous, with the planet's populations clustered into distinct settlements. One of the settlements is Mos Eisley. Located in a valley to the east of the Jundland Wastes and roughly 80 kilometers north of Anchorhead, near the desert palace of Jabba the Hutt. It could be reached from the high ground to the west via the Sluuce Canyon. The Chalmun's Spaceport Cantina served as the hub of the newer quarter is where the meeting was to take place. Identified only by a sign over the door reading simply "Cantina," the cantina was a popular gathering place for spacers and smugglers, and the center of a host of criminal activity in the spaceport of Mos Eisley. Rowan had landed at the space port just a few hours ago and had been waiting for the right tome to enter the Cantina. He had been watching it for 30 minutes. He knew that the job was going to pay well and the person he was to see is reliable. Rowan had meet Aidman some time ago he was a residence cell leader at one point.

Rowan looked around before he left his spot to walk to the entrance of the Cantina. He could feel the breeze and sand blow over his armor as he walked across the dusty street watching the area for trouble. The Cantina is single-story building made of sandstone. Rowan entering through a small portal on one side of the building, a small passage curved around into the main bar area. featuring many themed spigots which resembled the head of an IG-series assassin droid. The droid could produce several dozen drinks of the Cantina. Surrounded by eight different alcoves filled with stools, tables, and even a bandstand, the bar wrapped from the public area around into the more private back room. Outside of public view, Rowan knew of several secret rooms existed to house sleeping areas for fugitives fleeing the law. At the very back of the building, an open-air hangar housed a private shuttle, which could be used routinely to transport liquor, or for escape. Walking just pass the bar most did not even look at Rowan. Some gave him a nod out of respect of his reputation others just avoided him. He walked to the back Rowan saw Aidman drinking with another man. He walked up to then Aidman just gave a nod as Rowan walk up to the table and sat down at the table facing the bar.

Rowan looked at Aidman talking in a low tone “you ask for me?” asks the Mandalorian. Aidman sat back and replied “Yes, I need the best on this one Rowan” taking a sip of his drink. Then said “This is an old friend it is about his brother. On a mission he was captured by the Empire years ago we have a lead where some of are men could be. I need you to get that information” 75 thousand to start we will pay more if you can get the guy to us alive.” Aidmen paused as someone walked by. “This is the brake I was looking for when we first met.” He pulls out a round object and a data stick. He places them in the table and slides them to Rowan. Activating the round disk. A man appears in a hologram. “This is Colonel Icerraine former intelligence officer. He right now is on Jakku and could be alone. The information I gave you should have his approximate location.” Aidman takes a drink then continues. “We need him alive he has the information we seek. He knows where are people are being held.” Rowan turns off the disk. “So, get this guy and bring him back to you” asks Rowan. “yes” answers Aidman. “As a bonus Colonel Icerraine could have information for you. he could know who the sniper was who killed your commander” said Aidmen. Rowan lend into table and said “Aidman, if you are lying to me when I do get back, I will kill you and I will make it slow.”

The other man eyes got wide he started to sweat some. Aidman looked Rowan in the eyes “listen, that’s all I know. He could have info or not don’t know but I would bet he know someone that dose” he said. Rowan sat back “OK, 80 thousand, half now the rest plus bonuses on delivery” Rowan demands. Aidman look at the other guy he gives him a nod. “ok Rowan got a deal” says Aidman. Rowan looks at the room then back at the two men “you must really wont this guy. Get the money to my ship in bay 10 I will be there, You two come alone.” The two men give a nod Rowan gets up taking the information with him. Putting it in to a pouch as he walks out of the cantina. He walks back to the ship taking a different rout making sure he was not fallowed. Arriving at the ship he yells at his droids to prep for takeoff.

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