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Summary: Traveling the galaxy is just too cool.

Darren Kestus

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Gender: M

Age: 25

Group: Bounty Hunter


Half Human (Corellian)
Half Zabrak


Lightsaber training
Great piloting skills
Very Charismatic


Bounty Hunter - Rank II

Physical Appearance

6'2. Shaggy white hair that goes down to his ears. Pale skin. Athletic build. He usually wears a long brown jacket with a blue shirt and light brown pants with black boots. He also wears a metal breastplate and a black and grey mask while on a mission.


Darren is very cocky and loves money. Like... loves it. Mainly so he can make upgrades on his ship, but like, who doesn't like money?


Son to Cal Kestis and Merrin, Darren grew up on no singular planet. Dathomir, Zeffo, Hoth, Yavin, etc. His father was an unoffical Jedi Knight, Darren had trained with his father about the Force and lightsabers. His parents and their crew died during a rebellion attack on Kashyyyk, he was only 9. There Darren had stayed for a year until another rebel by the name of Usha. She had taken him to Jakku and there, they had stayed until Darren had became 16. In this time, he had acquired enough money to buy his own ship, an old TIE fighter. He joined the Bounty Hunter Guild while it was still a new thing, he felt that's where he would be best at. Going to new places, forgetting about his past.

Special Items/Ships

Cal Kestis's Lightsaber
TIE Demolisher
Blaster Pistol
Modified Rebel Helmet

Items/Ship Descriptions

Cal Kestis's Lightsaber
-A silver metal lightsaber, the hilt is wrapped in brown rags. A purple kyber powers the saber.

TIE Demolisher
-A ship with the base of a TIE fighter with long black wings that point forward and back.

Blaster Pistol
-A small black and gold blaster.

Modified Rebel Helmet
-With the Rebel helmet melded with carbonate gives extra protection

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Image of Darren Kestus
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