The Unknown Bounty Pt.3

Coruscant, what a shit hole. Not the above city, no. They live in lavish structures. No, I’m talking about the underworld, Darren’s world.

He lands his ship in an impound lot, cluttered with disassembled ships and droids. A modified CP unit comes up to Darren. “No, no, not again Dar. We’re not going through this again!”

“C’mon Al, just one last time. I swear.” Darren pleads, tying his white hair in a ponytail.

“That’s what you said last time!”

“Yeah but last time, I didn’t have this.” Darren reveals the Sith saber hilt, in all it’s gold and silver glory.

“And that is?”

“My bounty! Whoever sent me to get it is paying 15,000 credits. How about I give you 2,000 to let me park?” The bounty was actually 75,000, but Al doesn’t need to know that.

“4,000.” Al replies.

“Dammit Al, you’re pulling my leg, but done.”

With this, Darren heads into the underground of Coruscant.


The streets are filled with every alien race you can think of. Wookie, Gungan, Dathomirian, etc.

Darren walks into the Nigh Shade, a bar near the end of town. There, he meets with the person giving the money. “Darren! My boy! Come, come, sit!” Says a fat old man missing an eye. He motions for Darren to sit next to him at the bar.

Darren obligues and sits next to the man. “Rufus, what the hell did you tell me to get?”

“Were you not able to get it?”

“No,” Darren begins to whisper, “the Sith saber, I have it.”

“Oh! Then please give.”

“What’s it gonna be used for?”

“That’s no concern of yours. Oh! That reminds me, here’s your credits.” Rufus reveals a holo disc, on it says, ‘80,000’. “I put I lil extra on there for fuel money.”

Darren begins to ask more questions, but stops himself. “Thanks Rufus.” Darren exits the bar and walks toward the impound lot.

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