Chapter Five: All Bets Are Off (Pt.4)

Danis had enjoyed his lunch break, he spent most of it planning how to keep his head on interacting with the New Republic pilots. Keep his answers clear and short. Let the Captain do the talking. As he wandered into the hanger he became stunned. He stood there at the carnage that had ensued in his short time away. Hekler and what Danis thought maybe a Lasat were just staring at each other, Roland lay on the hanger floor along with the four broken Republic pilots. He finally found his composer and sprinted towards Roland on the ground. Dropping to his knees Danis checked Roland's pulse. It was there.

"Explanation: It was the new meat bags fault," Heckler exclaimed from across the hanger. Danis looked up at the droid with an arm and finger extended towards the Lasat and for once he agreed that the description of 'meat bag' may be appropriate for the humanoid next to Heckler.

"Hekler! You and the meat bag clean this hanger up! Dump the bodies in the trash compactor. I will take Roland to sickbay." Danis began to grab the unconscious Roland by the underarms to drag him. "Oh! And Heckler! Don't kill anyone else this cycle!"

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