The Unknown Bounty Pt.2

The walk up from the old man’s workshop was a long one. With the Sith’s lightsaber, Darren felt heavier than he’s ever felt. Who’s lightsaber is it anyway? He felt a great power from it, so it wasn’t any run of the mill Acolyte, this definitely felt like a Sith Lord.

Back at the top, the dead Stormtrooper was still there, obviously. And so were his troop. So again, Darren went back the way he came, dodging troops and staying in the bushes. Hours passed and night fell, Darren had reached his ship to find the dead troopers... gone.

This wasn’t a surprise, except there were no troopers guarding Darren’s ship. No tracker, nothing. Whoever had cleaned up the bodies wanted Darren to get away, which wanted him to stay. But, he had a job to do, so he got into his TIE Demolisher. The inside looked as if there was a party with 5 Gungans. Stains on the metallic floor, cups on separate tables and ledges. Darren takes off his modified Rebel Helmet to reveal... a man. A regular looking man, well besides the white hair that is. It flows down to his shoulders, past his bright green eyes. He makes his way to the cockpit.

“Bye Zeffo, may the Imps get killed off on you in the near future.” Darren said, manning the controls.

With that, Darren blasted off to Jakku, off to collect the bounty and-


Darren’s monitor showed a flash of red on the ship’s side. “What in the-“

Another red laser is shot, but this time a warning flash shows up on the monitor. Darren jerks his ship to the right. He turns his head and sees a beam of red light barely miss him. After the 2nd shot, he hears a voice coming from inside his ship, more specifically, the speakers. “Halt, and you will not be destroyed. This is Admiral Endo of the Imperial Purists.”

Darren scrambled to try to communicate back. He flipped a couple of switches, pressed some buttons and... presto! He was now backpacking on their own audio system. “Hello? Hello? Testing, testing.”

“We can hear you,” said Admiral Endo said coldly. “Will you agree to the terms of your surrender?”

“So... I thought about it, I really did,” Darren tried to jump to light speed, but he still needed a small boost of power, “And I’m gonna have to pass. No offense but, you guys aren’t exactly sharpshooters.”

“You-“ Endo says quickly, not believing what he’s hearing, “You will die... you do understand this right?”

“I understand that in about 4 seconds, you’re gonna be yelling my name and slammin’ that control board sir.”

“You have to the count of 3! 1!”

Darren bangs his monitor to show that the jump is almost charged. “2!” He hears over the ship, it’s 98% done.

“3! Fire!”

Darren flips his ship overhead and speeds toward the Imperial ship. They stall for a moment until Darren slams his ship back down and enters hyper space, away from the Imps, for now.

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