The Unknown Bounty Pt.1

Zeffo, beautiful planet, even if it is still semi-Empire run. Green grass, glistening blue waterfalls, it's great. Darren steps off of his TIE and is greeted by a small group of Stormtroopers, 5 of them by the looks of it. "Put your hands in the air! Now!" the main trooper yells. They stand side-by-side, all aiming at Darren. He looks around at the dock they're currently standing in. A big hanger with the door open and containers inside, in front of the hanger is a pathway to the jungle.

"I've always heard that y'all are bad shots, now, I don't wanna test that theory right now but... let's just say, if you shoot, you're dead." Darren pulls back his black jacket to reveal his blaster.

"Remove your mask and put your hands up, now!"

"Alright! Alright, hold on to your white asses..." Darren moves his hands to his black and silver mask. He clicks a button on the side and all of the troopers ignite in a red glow on his visor. He hates using the Force, but it's a powerful weapon when used. He force pulls a container behind the troopers in the hanger. It clangs on the floor and 3 out of 5 Stormtroopers turn. Good enough.

Darren whips his blaster out and shoots the two troopers still facing him, as the others turn toward him, he rushes. Only one of them can get a shot off before he takes out his father's lightsaber, a purple light ignites from the hilt and slices through the remaining 3 troopers. The whir of the lightsaber is all that can be heard until, "Wow, you guy's bad shots." He starts walking toward the hanger and places the lighsaber back on his bet. He hears heavy footsteps of more troopers. Darren cuts right and goes into the jungle.

Hours of walking and dodging Stormtroopers leads him to a trooper outpost. 14 troopers in total, now, Darren's confident, but he isn't stupid. All he needs to do is get into the cave entrance, hell, he doesn't even know what he's looking for. Jumping from rooftop to rooftop, avoiding detection. He lands on the ground and the trooper guarding the cave entrance turns. With a quick thought, Darren reaches out and starts to choke the trooper. "Sorry." Darren says as he flicks his wrist and snaps the trooper's throat. And with that death, he enters the cave.

The rocky cave is very dark, so Darren again, takes out his lightsaber. Purple light emits and he holds it up, using it as a lantern. He looks around for anything worth, well, anything worth a bounty hunter. The gravel floor leads him to a metal bridge, man-made obviously, but older than what the troopers have on the surface. His black boots make CLANG! sounds on the metal grate bridge. After the bridge are stairs leading to the ground floor. He sees strange markings on the cave walls near the stairs, he holds the lightsaber up and...

“Oh shit.” Darren says as he notices that these drawings are Jedi. Old Jedi texts that lead down, he follows them. As he follows the texts, he hears mumbles and murmurs of a man, Darren takes out his blaster. “Anyone here? I’m armed.” With that comment, Darren switches the lightsaber off and puts it back on his belt.

Darren gets to the floor and sees an old man with a work bench and lanterns. The work benches are covered in scratch marks, one of the benches has a weird metal tube on it. “Ah, hello young traveler, what brings you to my workshop?”

“Workshop? You’re under the ashes of Imperial rule, who comes here anymore?” Darren says.

“Well... you did sir.” The old man retorts.

Darren steps closer and finally realizes what the metal contraption on the workbench is. It’s a lightsaber hilt. “I’ll be taking that.” He points to it.

“Oh, oh no sir, I’m sorry. I’m holding that for a friend.” The old man says, inching closer to the hilt.

“Hey, step away from the weapon, sir.” Darren aims his blaster higher, as a threat. As he does so, the old man realizes that Darren has a lightsaber of his own.

“You’re a Jedi? Or a no good thief?” The old man says, pointing at Darren’s belt.

“I’m neither, well, I am a thief but I didn’t steal... just give me the saber, now!”

“I... I can’t... he told me to...”

“Never mind.” Darren says, he walks up to the old man and shoved him away from the saber. Darren picks it up and senses the power of it’s wielder. The hilt is is silver with gold accents and designs. He turns it on and a red blade shoots out.

It’s a Sith lightsaber.

As Darren holds the saber, anger swarms over him, the thought of his parents, the war, his meaningless life. He switches it off and turns to the man. “Where did you...” Darren begins to say, but he remembers the price this has. 75,000 credits. “Thank you for your corporation.” He says as he walks out.

“Oh I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” The old man says as he collapses to the ground, wailing.

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