On the Stair

It was soon clear that the church knights did not like the surprises Grey Haven held for them. The sounds of fighting below now coupled with shouts and orders from the groups leader as they attempted to hold their own.

Ursa dashed up the second set of stairs only just avoiding a trio of helmed horrors moving the opposite direction. Intent it seemed upon joining the fight downstairs. Oddly enough unlike the last time she was here these all but ignored her as she rushed past. One of them even side stepping to get out of her way as she passed not even bothering to raise its weapon to attack or defend.

Reaching the second landing Ursa paused just long enough to reflect on the brief encounter but those thoughts she was forced to put to the back of her mind as once of the Knights reached the landing below. Shouting something of a curse in her direction as he charged head first into the Horrors she had just pasted on the stairs clearly intent upon reaching her.

“ Damn … “ Ursa muttered softly to herself, shaking her head in disbelief as she dashed across the landing and into the open corridor that was the Hall or Ladies.


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