(Ursa) Fortress of Forever ~ Part 03

“ torquent vineam eius tangle “

Ursa couldn’t tell which of the six had charged forward first but when one had moved they all had in a well practiced manner. Though not nearly fast enough it seemed to cover the short distance between them before her spell had taken effect and the charging dark elves found themselves being attacked from all sides by a mass of twisting snare vines and thorny brambles.

Unfortunately while the spell was immediately effective she also knew that wouldn’t hold them for very long. She needed to put as much distance and she could between them before they got untangled enough to come after her again.

It was as she turned to make her escape in the other direction that she came to a stop in mid-step as she was struck full in the chest by the unseen force of a spell powerful enough to knock the wind out of her.

“ Aslu ilta! “ A voice shouted with cruel humor from the darkness of the corridor before her.

The sound of laughter followed as Ursa struggled to push herself upright again. A sharp hiss escaping her lips as she glared down the corridor just making out the outlines of another three or four more humanoids taking shape in the darkness.

“ Ssiggrin dos inbalus natha mayar do'bauth kat dos? “ ( Translated - Thought you had a chance to escape didn't you? )

“ No,” Ursa sounded back sharply, just catching her breath. “ Not really.”

She saw the movement of the hands and the flash of magical energy this time followed by the displacement in the air as the spell’s energy came rushing towards her. Ursa using a quick counter-spell to deflect that energy harmlessly away. Her counter-spell was quickly followed by a combat spell she had at the ready.

" Dea divinae manus!”

The divine energy came from inside her with such power and force that even Ursa was shocked by its potency. The energy coming in a surge that roared down the corridor like an ocean wave tossing the Dark Elves about like dolls in a child's temper tantrum slamming them against the walls and ceiling before sending their broken bodies spiraling into the void.

In the wake of the surprisingly powerful spell, screams or the other dark elves hate and rage filled the corridor behind her. Ursa only just rolling out of the way as a pair of throwing blades skipped off the stone floor just mere inches from where she had been a moment before. A quick backward glance showing her that the first group of Dark elves were now almost free of the living barrier she had initially cast.

Another throwing blade struck the wall next to her head snapping in half from the force of the impact.

Cursing sharply, Ursa was forced to retreat, pressing her back against the sealed stone doors in the vain hope of avoiding whatever the Dark Elves were planning on throwing at her. It was then she felt the not so subtle drawing of energy as a powerful spell took shape.

“ Olath z'ress zotreth! “ A voice sounded loudly just before the spell's release.

“ Oh Shit.” was all Ursa could think to say as she felt the spell's energy build to a climax and release. The hairs on the back of her neck raised as she covered her head arms as she felt the arcane energies zeroing in on her, and then … and then ….nothing.

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