Having a chat

Nettle shrugged at Jack's question. "Probablys just sit around." Nettle said. "Chit-chat. Play cards, avoid playing with Brenton tho, Tall bloke, barrel chest, shiny bald and marvelous mustache. He cheats." she warned.

"Otherwise you can just hangabout on your lonesome. I'm also free to have a gab with if you wants. Just don't go heading outside till the wind stops its whining sand will skid your skin clean off and that lightning was scary scary no joke." she nodded. "I knows you thinking you're a tough big boy but I ain't never seen a storm like that." she told Jack.

"I'll be trying my dangest to get the rest of this sand from my bretches. But if you needs me I'll be around." she said before toddling off.

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