Small Talking

Jack looked at Nettle who joined him and asked about his game. Jack smiled at Nettle and replied, "Oh this is a game I learned from my mother. It's called Solitaire and its like a matching game from random draws. The point its to match all the card symbols in order. It helps me keep my focus and helps pass the time when I have nothing to do. As for your other questions I didn't know I had an accent since I lived in a monster infested forest on the outskirts of with my mother. And as for why I am here instead of there is my mother wanted me to make a life on my own. I am new to working with others so I hope I don't mess up." Jack smiled at nettle as he continued to play.

He won a round and showed her the end result of playing the game. Then he asked her how long they would be on standby and her future plans as well. He was not familiar with other places but knew where they were on a map.


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