My Fellow Coworkers

"Welp." she started. "Plans are as follows. Travel to the next town do a few shows, make some money, hope the trouble makers in our little ragtag family don't go causing any trouble while we are there." she said, "As for doing right or wrong, you'll do fine. Long as you do your job of keeping the weaker of us safe should be hunkydoory." she gave him a smile.

"Take no offence to this, it is fine. I know every turtle takes its time coming out of its shell when things are scary and unfamiliar but, do try and talk to some of the others. Least the guards. People skills and whats nots." she said, "Small talks are fine, just should know a bit of who's back you are watching and whos watching yours."

Jack nodded at Nettle as he realized she wanted him to socialize with the others to get to know them for better and for worse. Jack wondered what he was getting himself into now. Since he didn't get out much, being social was a new thing for him so he looked at Nettle and spoke, "Wish me luck." Then he got up and went over to the other guards to greet them and try his hand at small talk.


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