Over heard conversations

As Jack began his way over to the group of fellow guards, he watched as one of the larger boosted a smaller guard up to a spot were some of the stone from the wall had long ago fallen away.

"Yeah." he said, "It's still there. Pretty sure it's moving."

"How can you tell?" the guard doing the lifting asked. "Last we saw it was horizon to horizon."

"I don't see what that has to do with anything, I'm telling ya, its moving." the smaller guard reiterated.

"It better be." a third guard interrupted. "Much fun as it is getting paid to stand around, I'm getting itchy not being on the move."

The smaller lifted guard struggled a bit to pull himself a bit higher so he could lean into the whole a bit, before mumbling something and giving a small chuckle to himself, and giving the signal to be lowered down.

"Nettle was right." he said, "Storms make you see wacky stuff."

"Wacky how, specifics? guard three asked.

"Coulda' sworn I saw a boat, riding the dunes like waves, against the storm."

"Your brain might be cooked." the large man said.

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