Not Much to Say

"Well." Leo said popping down from this lookout. "We could gamble." he said rubbing his hands together.

"No." Nate said bluntly. "We ain't gambling." he said.

"He's right Leo. You cheat anyway." Mathias said.

"Ugh, fine. Be that way. Then what will we do? Hmm?" Leo asked impatiently.

"Got any stories new guy?" Mathias asked, "Best we get to know each other if we're gonna watch each other's backs."

Jack rubbed his chin as he pondered a bit. Then he replied, "Well my mom told me never to gamble unless I can afford to loose. Since I am just earning a living I can't afford it now. However as for for stories...... well to be honest I don't have a lot of experience outside of my home since my mom was rather harsh on training me to be independent. Everyday I'd wake up eat then train, then eat then train, then eat and train till it was time for bed. My training was academics, magic and combat everyday. It got to a point I was having nightmares about doing the same thing everyday. So you could say this is my first real adventure after leaving home. I thought we would be fighting monsters and bandits then end the day eating and telling stories. I had no idea we would be stuck waiting like this so I don't have much to bring to the table right now." Jack rubbed the back of his head as he nervously smiled.


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