As the wind blows

As Joseph slept, he had nightmares of human kingdoms were brought down, burning to ash. His family dying over and over, his pain unending. He is taunted by thousands of voices in the horror images. In the real world, Joseph is groaning and whining in his sleep, covered in sweat. He almost starts to mumble one thing, "Make it stop."
Draken awoke from his nap, he heard the horses, and the movement of metal. He slowly got up to his feet, as he stepped outside, he realized he was surrounded by the Knights of Sarnia. He gave annoyed sigh as he walked out of the ruined house. The leader of the twelve knights spoke up, "Stop demon!" Draken stopped dead in his tracks, "What do you want?" The knight spoke up loudly, but as much as the knight wanted to, he could hear the fear in his voice. "Draken Darkward, you are under arrest for the use of witchcraft, the murder of innocents, defiling the dead, destruction of peaceful villages, and residing in cursed ground, by the might of the Church!" Draken looked at them with his golden eyes, "I'm under arrest? You seem to have mistaken me for someone who cares." His voice ranged out, the knights pulled out their weapons, "Then perish demon." Draken smirked as the captain stepped up to attack him, which he raised his staff. A purple light zapped the knight and his entire suit began to glow the same color. The man screamed in pain as his life was drained from his body, the others watched in horror. The knight's body crumbled to the ground, Draken raised his staff and plunged it into the ground. Black spikes came from the ground and impaled the horses the knights rode on, some of the knights ended up injured or wounded. Draken pulled out his staff, "I am Draken Darkward, I used to a infamous criminal, I don't fear the law, I follow my own rules. Don't think I'm afraid of pathetic humans, I survived worse, you brats don't scare me. Now let me teach you a lesson." Draken pulled out his weapon, the Shadow Blade. The blade glowing purple with shadow powers, Draken impaled the ground with his staff before advancing on the knights. Some had snapped out of their trance of fear and went to attack him. The first one to face him swung his blade once, before Draken sliced his sword hand off and stabbed him in the throat. Turning around in time to slice the head of another. Two of them advanced on him at the same time, blocking their attacks, he grabbed one by the throat and slammed him into his friend, before stabbing the both of them in the chest with his blade. Draken then sliced both their throats with his clawed hand. While he was turned around, he was shot in the black, ye angrily turned around and chuck his sword square in the knights head. Only seven remain, Draken snarled at them, revealing his fangs. Three of them surrounded him, however using his magic, he casted a flame spell at each of them, roasting them alive. As the collapsed as smoldering ash, he went to his staff and pulled it out of the ground, just in time to block the attack of on of the knights. Using the staff he casted a spell of destruction, blowing a hole straight in the man's chest, killing him. Leaving three of them left, a men and two women, all of them wounded from his spike attack. Using the staff, he healed his injury from the arrow. He retrieved his sword and walked to the remaining knights, the man began pleading, "Spare us, please spare us!" Draken kicked him down and sliced out his throat with his blade, he turned his golden eyes to the last two. One of them looked at him with malice, "I hope you burn in hell." The other spat at him, "I hope your accursed Warden is with you." Draken glared down at them, "I had it, I'm done waiting, It's time for the new age to begin. You will be examples of my wrath." His eyes began glowing as the night sky was filled with screams. Draken put on his cloak as he left his village, two lone figures held up in the air, struggling. The corpses of the knights were impaled with the same black spikes and their horses, in various positions. However the figures were the last of their group, they were fused to the black spikes, their mouths none existant. Their armor morphed into the spikes, their torso and heads only remained, the rest of their bodies disappeared. They were cursed to remain alive, to watch the world, never able to die by age or starvation, to suffer by the elements. Draken began his travels north, it was time he destroyed the human kingdoms.

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