Tales from The Vacuous Breach pt2

Ten minutes on the dot after The Figure had told the man to arrive at the exit door, The Figure appeared flanked by two squat men. The prisoner figured they could be dwarfs…maybe. They were carrying a long metal crate.

“Place it there.” The Figure said and they complied, once on the ground he snapped his fingers and the two set to work opening the container.

“Now, Listen closely, I don't want to repeat myself for such a simple set of instructions.” The Figure snapped once more and one of the two pulled out what looked like a globe shaped lantern with a harpoon looking spike on the bottom, the other pulled out what looked like strange ropes. “Look at this lantern.” taking it from the squat man and showing it to the ‘volunteer’, “Now look at this rope. See this end.” he said as if speaking to a child. “Silver end goes in the silver hole on the lantern. Gold goes in the gold. Make sure you place the silver end in first, plug in the gold once you reach the outer edge of the light’s ring then force it into the ground, plug in the next ‘rope’ then repeat until you’ve used all the ropes and lights. Once you have done that step,” he held up a smooth stone. “Speak into this to confirm you’ve done your task and you’ll be allowed to return back here. And if you run into any trouble you can inform us with that stone as well. Any questions?”

“Yeah, how do the ropes make the lights work?” the man asked The FIgure.

“They are imbued with magical energy.” The Figure said not harshly but rather more in a tone that said ‘that’s all you are getting’. “Any other questions.”

“Do I have to look out for anything and what if I do?” the man asked.

“Oh that is a good question. Firstly if you encounter any sudden breaks in the light as if just cut out or seemingly dropping off but casting no light over the edge avoid those places. They don’t simply drop off down a ledge they are from all understanding effectively bottomless, or more to the point it’s a moot point, you’ll fall so long that no matter who or what you are you’ll be scattered across the bottom if there is in fact a bottom to be found.”

“Terrific.” the man responded sarcastically. “Anything else?”

“Fauna? Presumably, however I never encountered any, I’m only aware of the dangers of the dark and given no one who enters without a source of light returns I can not say.”

The Figure snapped his fingers again and the squat men started taking out strange clothes from the box. “You will need to wear this suit.” The Figure said, allowing the man to change.

“Hey!” he snapped. “Why the hell do I get his piece of crap and you get that fancy suit. I’m expected to trust this!?”

“I wasn’t offering you a choice in the matter.” The Figure said, “This is the suit you get. You can go outside sans suit if you wish, you will however not make it more than three steps out that door before death takes you.” The Figure stared the man down, “I leave that up to you.”

“Fine, I just don’t see how this can protect me if you have to wear something so fancy.”


The Figure pointed to the man and the squat men helped to load the man up with the lights and cables.

“Good Luck.” The Figure said, “And remember to stay within the light.”

The outer door hissed open and the freezing air sweeped in as the man was nearly shoved out, once he was clear the squat men closed the door, The Figure watching until the door was fully shut.

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