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Ellody's Dilemma

Once the group of adventurers had left her shop, Ellody had penned a letter to attempt to get funding to hire some different adventurers to help her return it where it came from. She used a spell to lift the egg-shaped device into a box covered in runes made to keep magic out. Usually only used to stop scrying or magical picking of the lock she hoped this would do anything to slow the process of it either detonating or taking in any more magic.

“What have I got myself into.” Ellody said frustrated, and fell into her old habit of cleaning her glasses when she is nervous. She had to force herself to not scream in irritation with herself and the idiot adventurers that she viewed more as ‘graverobbers’ taking things that they don’t even know the gravity of.

“Okay Ellody…okay…” she said to herself, “Notes…I need notes.”

“What do I need…” She dipped her quill in ink again. “A holy person.” she said, “Cleric or Paladin. Another mage? Might have to lock this thing back down…” she scribbled notes. “Maybe someone who knows caves…” Ellody said that last word with slight disgust. “I hate caves…so dirty.”

Ellody opened a cabinet and took out an old battered and cracked leather satchel. She waved a hand over it and the dust vanished. She opened that bag with delicate motions using only the tips of her fingers. The bag of holding was old. Her father’s and well used, well worn, and reliable. Holding the bag oven and using magic to lift the box and move it into the bag. After slowly closing it and pulling the belts tight she finally allowed herself to let out her held breath.

“That won’t stop it…but at least I can’t feel it now.” she thought.

Ellody didn’t want to wait, she wanted to be out that door trying to find people to help her. But something like that required monetary incentive for most. Often in her experience Adventurers tended to not do things hazardous to their prolonged living. She couldn’t say she blamed them. Time is money and to devote time along with life and limb to help out someone incapable of doing it alone required often hefty payment. Hence the letter to the Lady, she would either provide the coin herself, or compensate Ellody after the fact. She had to wait for the letter…and hope some adventures would come along without her having to go hunting for them or placing a job on the town board, that could take weeks…and weeks might not be something she had, for all she knew it could be a few days at most. “By The Fair Lady…what were those fools thinking?” she fidgeted and to stop herself from cleaning her glasses again.

Ellody shook her head, trying to knock the feeling away, forcing herself back to work before she had a panic attack about the bag. Going back to her enchanting. Sitting a hat on the counter with a note. “Please make this hat not mess up with my hair.” Ellody read, and rolled her eyes. “Always something pointless.” she thought before but also considered the fact she was getting paid. “Payment is payment…” she reminded herself. Weaving a spell over the hat as magic ink snaked through the air in a thin thread line penning runes into the fabric, but all the while she caught her eyes drifting to the bag, and her mouth felt slightly dry.

But all she could do was wait, and pray to The Fair Lady to send her some salvation from this horrible mess she put herself in.

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