No Happenstance

Yiv took a deep breath. The roads had been nearly empty as she approached the city of Limbdale. The lights from the town flickered, Yiv let out a small ‘eep’ seeing the guards standing at the gate. Short rapid breaths escaped her nervous body as she ducked into some bushes. Feeling her body shift and change into. Her tendrils retracting and becoming a part of her body again, extra eyes closing and seeming to vanish, shifting changes in a slow amorphous movement until she appeared just as human as anyone else.

Once she’d moved her form to a human. She stepped out of the bushes, and continued her walk towards town. Yiv approached the guards with a smile just ever so slightly too big. Trying to overcompensate and try to seem human. One of the guards looked at her and leaned back slightly startled by the wide grin. “Business?” he asked.

“Yes.” Yiv said, quickly going back to her smile.

The guard blinked puzzled, lowering his clipboard. “huh?”

“Oi, why you smilin’ like that?” the second guard asked.

“I’m just happy to be here.” Yiv replied to the second guard.

“Could you stop, it's kind of freakin’ me out.” he said.

“Oh…sure I can.” she said and started to frown.

The first guard took a step back. “Just…just go in.” he said.

“Thank you.” Yiv gave a little curtsy and walked past them.

Once Yiv was out of ear shot the second guard mumbled to the first. “They get weirder every day.”

Yiv would have liked to get her shopping done now, but with it being night she’d have to wait till morning. So she headed to the nearest loudest Inn she could find, and paid for a room. Once inside and the door was locked, she shed the human form for her normal form, sighing with relief as she laid down her black tentacles hanging over the bed beside her. “That’s so tiring.” She mumbled into the straw-stuffed mattress. “I wish I could just walk around as me…” she thought as she drifted off.

Either Yiv had arrived in town later then she thought, or slept more soundly than she expected because morning came quickly. Yiv quickly got ready by changing into her human form before looking out the window to see if people were on the streets and shopping. No point in the stress of this form if she couldn’t accomplish anything.

Seeing the crowded streets Yiv, quickly left returning the key to the Barman before heading to the market street. Yiv dipped and slipped between the crash of people all shopping in a way that told you they do this everyday and to keep up or get run over. “Excuse me.” “Pardon me.” “Sorry.” Yiv said all these many times as she tried to press through but only got grunts in response or the occasional “Watch it.”
It was a challenge getting around the market, a part of Yiv wanted to wait till it calmed down and she could move more easily but the other part knew if she waited all the good stuff would be gone. It had taken her twice as
long as she’d planned but eventually her pack was full of food rations.

During a small opening in the throng of people Yiv caught sight of something large and shiny. Moving towards the outside of the crowd trying to glance between bodies she noticed it was a tall, almost massive man in bright white shining armour. When she figured out what it was her eyes light up. “Paladin?” she thought to herself, remembering the images she had in her head from the Paladin who faced her ‘father’ “I’ve got to talk to him.

But in the moment of her thoughts drifting to the Paladin she got caught in the swell of people unable to make it to the outside and he was out of sight before she could catch up.

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