A following begins

Draken waited for the people of the town to chase him out, to attack him. Whispers began to hover, planning on killing Draken, or simply run away. Draken sighed in disappointment, he figured that was how they would react. However as he was about to leave, an orc stepped forward, standing in front of him. "Okay, everyone. I know you don't like this man who has come before us, however he saved Madam Verlia, the same woman who has healed many of us, protected us." Draken was about to speak, "Now I wo-" The orc began speaking again, "Most importantly, he's right. I have nothing against humans, but recently they have been placed above the rest of us, I think we change that, return the freedoms we had. I agree with this man, Draken Darkward. Now if you chase him out you have to chase me out as well!"
A miracle appeared before Draken, he watched as more people stepped forward, humans, elves, dwarves, orcs, lizardman, etc. One by one more stepped up and spoke, "You have to chase me out as well!" Soon, more than half of the village was standing infront of Draken, guarding him. Draken finally spoke, "I'm heading north, across the Alps, to meet up with the Iron Queen, to see what her motives are, to see if she is friend or foe. If she is friend, we will side with her, if she is foe we shall battle her. I would say you don't have to follow me, but I can see that you'll follow me anyways! Tonight we rest, but tomorrow we move, grab whatever you can for weapons, for armor, and let's change the fate of this world!" This time more people cheered, Draken slept in the home of the first orc, whose name was Darnz.
The morning Draken's followers grabbed whatever weapons and armor they could find, including the armor and weapons of the knights of the church. Draken was given a black mare to ride on, some of his followers walked, others rode on horses as well. Draken pulled out his sword and pointed it north, "Forward, to destiny!" They began marching, the few villagers that stayed watch them march away, afraid of what was happening.

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