Something Wrong

Draken ended up stopping by three towns, and every town it was the same reaction. He would arrive with his followers, he would give his speech, some of the villagers would follow, some would stay behind. However at one of the villages, which was close to the ruins of Dalen, Draken sense something strange.
He ordered his followers to stay at the town and he would return. He rode to the ruins of Dalen, he got off his horse once he was at the edge of the once great city. Memories flashed for him, his first arrival, his imprisonment, his near death experience, and his healing done by the woman known as Orla. Wherever she was, he owed her greatly. He remembered his life of hiding within the city, before finally leaving on the attack of the Timber Cage kingdom.
He walked to where he remembered the last time he saw those he trusted, he slammed his staff into the rubble, the last time he was here was because the Black Staff called to him. Now something else called him, something that wasn't planning on being friendly. "I heard your call, I have arrived. Speak now and reveal yourself!" He waited for his host of this meeting.

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