The Deed

Commander Wasyer observed as the Kaleesh approached, he was accompanied by a party of bounty hunters and droids. Wasyer thought it brave for someone no matter their affiliation to make such an entrance. "I am Wrathious, Commander of the Red Seeker, follower of Grievous, by your laws this base now belongs to me."
Wasyer snatched the deed out of the Kaleesh's metal grip. He pulled out a pair of reading spectacles from his pocket, placing them over his eyes he began to observe the papers. "This very easily could be a forgery, I am not an easy man to fool... Wrathious." He beckoned over a group of troopers, handing them the deed. "I want this so called claim to my base investigated and I want our guest escorted to the holding cells for the time being." The stormtroopers nodded, two made their way behind Wrathious as the others went inside the base to investigate the deed. "It's only precaution I am sure you will understand. The formalities of transfer of such an installation can be difficult!" Wasyer smiled. Wrathious heard the stormtroopers pull out some cuffs...


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