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Summary: Follower of Grievous


Gender: Male

Age: 22

Group: Bounty Hunter




Bounty Hunter

Physical Appearance

Wrathious is a red skinned Kaleesh, with the standard yellow eyes, tusk, flat noses, and the bipedal stance. However the masks he wears are actually the old masks of General Grievous himself. His right arm has been replaced by Grievous's old cybernetic arm. Both his legs form the feet to his knees have also been replaced by Grievous's cybernetics.


Wrathious is short tempered and angry as Grievous was. However Wrathious highly respects Grievous and his ways. However with most of the Jedi dead or dissapeared he actually still goes after force users, seeing them as future Jedi. He shows cruelty and uses the same tactics as Grievous did in the clone wars.


Wrathious was once a normal Keleesh child, however when he was young, a Jedi ended up accidentally disabling him by cutting off his legs. The Jedi would later be killed by Grievous. The child would see Grievous as a great warrior ridding the scum of Jedi. However when he found out about the death of Grievous he became enraged and soon changed his named to Wrathious, however the Jedi were already gone, so the wrathful hunter became a Bounty Hunter and mainly targeted force sensitives. As it turned out he might not used the force, but he can sense people who are force sensitive from a 100 feet radius.

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Image of Wrathious
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