High stakes

The officer took offense to Wrathious, the storm troopers prepared to kill the bounty hunter, as was Wrathious' Droids.
However before thwir could be bloodshed, Admiral Sva stepped out. "Everyone stand down." She walked out of Wrathious' ship and step before the officer, snatching the deed back from him. "I suggest you don't piss him off, he has full rights to kill anyone who stands in his way."
She looked at the othet officals at the base, "Do not worry everyone, you shall remain here as post, but Wrathious will take command here, he will be considered one rank below myself, so if you wish to find your discharged, please continue on with your assault."
The storm troopers lowered theit weapons, Wrathious waved his hand for his battle droids to lower their own. Silva light pushed the officer out of the way, before handing the hologram from the Emperor to the officer, "Listen to this to clear your mind. Oh and stand clear." She looked at Wrathious, "Come now." He snarled at the officer before following Silva. The droids quickly gound their place in the base, Wrathious could only laugh as he entered his master's castle.

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